Reference Books for Preparation of ESE Electronics 2018

References Books for Preparation of ESE Electronics 2018

ESE 2018 Exam will be conducted in the month of January 2018 in the Second Week, and many of you would have already started preparing for IES 2018 Exam. IES Exam 2018 has the similar syllabus to that of GATE Exam, however, the questions in IES Exams are more theoretical and formula based. IES Exam is conducted for recruitment to vacancies in Indian Navy, Indian Railways, Indian Defence and such other government departments. Candidates who qualify this examination are posted in key positions in these departments, as officer engineers.

Here we have the recommended list of References Books for Preparation of ESE Electronics 2018

Network & Systems, by D. Roy Choudhary


  • Networks And Systems is a gateway course to all engineering subjects. To understand the operation of electric circuits and its components better, this book provides detailed explanations of the concept. This book details the definitions, principles, and theorems related to the subject together with illustrative examples. The examples and additional problems are given in the book provide the reader with better problem-solving skills.

Network Analysis, by Van Valkenburg


  • This book Network Analysis, covers core concepts that are faced by those are amateurs as well as an intermediate in the field of electrical engineering.

Integrated Electronics, by Jacob Millman & C. Halkias


  • The book commences with a preface to this new and adapted edition. Providing recent data on technology and electronic circuits, the book is divided into nineteen comprehensive chapters. Topics like Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors, Field Effect Transistor, Stability and Oscillators and Power Circuits and Systems are discussed in great detail. An entire chapter has been dedicated to multistage and feedback amplifiers as well. Each chapter culminates in a set of practice questions for the students.

Integrated Circuits, by K.R. Botkar


  • The author offers a comprehensive treatment of the fabrication, characteristics and applications of a wide range of ICs used in many fields including communications, instrumentation and process controls, digital systems optoelectronics. The earlier editions of the book dealt with VLSI technology.

Digital Logic & Computer Design, by Moris Mano


The book covers all aspects of digital systems, presents classical techniques and offers better understanding of register-transfer method. The books cover the syllabus for 3rd Semester, 4th Semester, 2nd Semester engineering students.

Amps & Linear Integrated Circuit, by Gayakwad


This successful technology-based text supports a thorough understanding of a wide variety of operational amplifiers and integrated circuit applications. It combines the right blend of theory and practice to present a simplified and methodical way to design and develop students’ understanding of the differences between theoretical, practical, and simulated results in the analysis of op-amp circuits.

Automatic Control System, by Benjamin C. Kuo


Automatic Control Systems provides engineers with a fresh new controls book that places special emphasis on mechatronics. It follows a revolutionary approach by actually including a physical lab. In addition, readers find authoritative coverage of modern design tools and examples. Current mechatronics applications build motivation to learn the material. Extensive use of virtual lab software is also integrated throughout the chapters.

Signals & System, by Oppehum, Willsky &                                            Nacob


This authoritative book, highly regarded for its intellectual quality and contributions provides a solid foundation and life-long reference for anyone studying the most important methods of modern signal and system analysis.

Control System Engineering, by Nagrath &                                         Gopal


Communication System, by A. Bruu Carlson


This exciting revision of Communication Systems, a classic text in the communications field, presents an introduction to electrical communication systems, including analysis methods, design principles, and hardware considerations.

Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating Systems, by Jardon & Balmain


Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems covers all the fundamental principles of electromagnetic theory and the transmission, radiation, and propagation of EM waves.






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